Conversational CNC Programming Software for TURNING

Still using complex, expensive CAD/CAM to program every day parts?

Stop programming simpler parts with complex CAD/CAM
STOP the CAD/CAM OVERKILL with Kipware® !!

95% of machine shops around the world spend every day in the creation of G code for “everyday” workpieces … not airfoils and dies.

The Kipware® conversational CAM approach allows novice programmers as well as experts to quickly and easily create G code CNC programs faster than any CAD/CAM program … without the need for a CAD drawing nor CAD/CAM experience. And … the real world development of Kipware® conversational CNC programming software has taken the programming of complex shapes, using the conversational approach, to new, higher levels.

Conversational CNC programming with Kipware® does not require ANY G code experience. Kipware® conversational has opened up the world of CNC programming to everyone … without the need for CAD or CAD drawing experiences.

DUMP the CAD ... KEEP the CAM ... with Kipware®

Kipware® software uses simple fill-in-the-blank forms to create powerful G code / CNC programs that include “best programming practice” outputs like canned cycles, cutter compensation and more.

No drawing, CAD or G code programming experience is required to create powerful G code programs with Kipware® conversational CAM.

Unlike conversational CNC controls … Kipware® is NOT LOCKED to the machine. Kipware® conversational CNC programming software is the ultimate in portability and allows users to program multiple machines with just one Kipware® package.

Unlike simplistic wizards, Kipware® conversational CAM creates REAL G code programs that can contain multiple operations with powerful shop floor features like canned cycles, cutter compensation and more.

Why Kipware?

How Does Kipware Work?

WHO Uses Kipware® Conversational ?

Large Shops

LARGE SHOPS who want to break away from the CAD/CAM ONLY and PROGRAMMING DEPARTMENT ONLY models to speed up the programing of fixtures, workholding and simpler workpieces.

Small Shops

SMALL SHOPS who want to break the hold of expensive CAD/CAM software, yearly maintenance fees, and being at the mercy of the “CAD/CAM GUY” to get good chipmakers involved in CNC programming to expand their capabilities.

DIY'ers & One-Man-Shops

DIY ‘ers and ONE MAN SHOPS who want to get their CNC equipment … older and new CNC machines … up and running, making chips and making profits faster and easier. To spend more time MAKING CHIPS … NOT DRAWINGS.

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Kipware® VS. Conversational Controls

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