Pre-Configured G Code Conversion Software for Fanuc / Okuma / Haas & More

Kipware G code conversion software are mind blowing, efficient applications.

Proven in-the-trenches since 1986 !!

In an effort to employ the best machine for the job, today’s shop floors are a mix of CNC machine types and CNC controls. With each machine requiring different G code formatting … the inevitable result is “control incompatibility” … a major cause of shop floor bottlenecks and reduced output.

Since 1986 when Raytheon Corporation employed Kentech Inc. to solve their control incompatibility issues … Kentech Inc. has been a leader and pioneer in G code conversion software. Our applications along with constant development have helped thousands of manufacturers around the world realize SEAMLESS control compatibility.

No CNC control incompatibility?
I know … mind blowing right?

WHY G Code Conversion ?

There are many reasons why Kipware G code conversion software can help … have you encountered any of these ?

  • You developed a CNC program for one machine only to find out that the machine time was not available … and you couldn’t run the job on the other machine unless you re-program it all over again.
  • You feel trapped into buying new equipment with the same CNC controls as the ones you now own for fear of the “control incompatibility” issue.
  • You are a machine tool salesperson who loses sales because of the “control incompatibility” issue.
  • Your shop is divided and limited because some programmers know one control and some know another control.

Does this story seem familiar?

This short video illustrates the a story that plays out in thousands of shops around the world every day.

BUT … CNC XChange and KipwareXC® can put a STOP to CNC control incompatibility !!


Whether buying a new machine or having to run a job on another machine ... G code conversion through CNC XChange will save your shop time and money.

When you need to run a proven G code program on another machine with a different format … re-posting the program through your CAD/CAM system costs you time and money. Oftentimes the program running on the shop floor contains edits … maybe minor, maybe major … speeds, feeds, chamfer edits, etc.. When you re-post that program you lose all those little subtleties … which make the difference between a good part and a part out-of-spec.

Purchasing a new machine with a new CNC control can mean hours of re-programming or re-posting to get your product line back up to speed. Does that really seem like the best approach? It’s not. The best approach is to convert those proven G code programs into the new format … and retain all the subtleties and shop-floor-edits to ensure the new part is identical to the old part. CNC XChange can do that … in seconds … not hours.

Make all your CNC machines operate seamlessly with Kipware

Who Uses CNC XChange ?

Kipware G code conversion software can make all your CNC machines operate seamlessly.


Shop floors with multiple CNC controls.

Machine Tool Sales Professionals confronted with control incompatibility.

Clients who want to eliminate post processor issues and cost.

Clients who wish to easily convert proven G code programs from an older machine for use on their new machine.

Clients who wish to purchase the machine and equipment that they want … that will best fit their needs .. without worrying about control incompatibility.

How Does CNC XChange Work ?

See CNC XChange in Action Below

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Powerful Source Code

Kipware® CNC XChange is a “hard coded” application meaning that all the industry standard conversion options are written directly into the source code … no set-up by the user is required here. All G code formatting, all canned cycle conversion, all work offset and height offset conversions as well as all other industry standard conversions are automatically converted through the powerful CNC XChange source code. Source code conversions can be combined with an UNLIMITED number of user defined conversions … all done at once … in seconds … JUST PRESS CONVERT.

Every Machine Is Different

Correct … and that is why CNC XChange also contains powerful USER OPTIONS to allow the user to easily customize the converted output to suit any scenario. Whether something simple like converting an M03 to an M13 … or converting G00G91G28Z0 to G00Z50.0 .. or whatever … the USER OPIONS can handle them all. Over the years we have perfected the USER OPTIONS to handle any conversion required. And all customized options are all executed at the same time as the source code conversions … JUST PRESS CONVERT.

Kipware software are powerful tools for quoting and estimating and conversational CNC programming for machine shops.

OPTIONS ... for More Power

In addition to standard 2-AXIS TURNING and 3-AXIS MILLING, CNC XChange options can give you even more conversion power.

  • BI-DIRECTIONAL : For example CNC XChange can convert from FANUC / HAAS to OKUMA OSP as well as OKUMA OSP to FANUC and / HAAS.
  • LIVE TOOL & Y AXIS conversion options are available for turning versions.
  • CUSTOM MACRO to OKUMA USER TASK is available form both milling and turning versions.
Efficient machine shop are driven with Kipware software.

Created FOR the REAL WORLD ...

Kipware® CNC XChange goes beyond the power of G code conversion and contains a full CNC specific EDITOR with options like N number formatting and re-formatting, add / remove spaces for readability, inch <–> metric conversion, blank line deletion, color highlighting using a user defined pallet and search options. After conversion the user is presented with the EDITOR that contains the original program one one side and the converted program on the other … both side with full CNC specific editing features available.

Kipware conversational is more flexible and more powerful than built in conversational on CNC controls.

... Created BY the REAL WORLD

CNC XChange was created by world class CNC programmers and honed and updated through the years with input from REAL WORLD clients and shop floor experiences. As a result … CNC XChange is a proven-in-the-trenches application you can trust to handle your G code conversion scenario. AND CNC XChange is backed by our top class customer support. Kentech Inc. is the creator of CNC XChange … if for some reason it can’t do it … we’ll make it do it.

Kipware software for CNC / machine shop / manufacturing

Full Support Included

Although most users can configure CNC XChange on their own … Kentech Inc. also offers training and consulting services to assist in your G code conversion project. From simple set-up assistance and training to full online training.

Since 1986, Kentech Inc. has been a leader, innovator and pioneer in G code conversion software since 1986 … and using those years of experience have built in MANY unique and powerful options creating a G code conversion application unmatched in the industry.

Convert thousands of G code program between #fanuc and #okumacnc formats with Kipware CNC XChange.

Convert from ONE to THOUSANDS of G Code Programs with ONE CLICK

With our newest feature … BATCH CONVERSION … users can select an UNLIMITED number of G code files to be converted and CNC XChange will perform the conversion with a SINGLE MOUSE CLICK … in seconds.
Simple place the programs to be converted in your designated folder and select BATCH CONVERT MILLING for milling G code or BATCH CONVERT TURNING for turning G code and CNC XChange wll auto-convert all the files in the folder and transfer the converted files to your dsignated “save to” folder. All SETTINGS are easily customizable by the user. This feature is available standard in CNC XChange for converting FANUC G code to OKUMA G code as well as converting OKUMA G code to FANUC G code.

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