Complete Machine Shop Quoting & Estimating BUNDLE

Kipware® SUITE is THE tool that will put you on track to STOP GUESSTIMATING and to START ESTIMATING. Whether it’s estimating realistic machining times …  putting out quotes with the confidence your pricing is profitable … or tracking your process to insure you stay on track … Kipware® SUITE can do it all.

A Kipware® SUITE purchase includes :

  • SAVE $465 over individual title purchase !!
  • KipwareCYC® – Machining cycletime estimating software and ALL companion applications.
  • KipwareQTE® – Machine Shop Job Costing and Estimating Software and ALL companion applications.
  • KipwareTRK® – Quotation Tracking and Analyzing Software
  • -2- seats of all applications
  • Lifetime License with no maintenance fees.
  • Unlimited, forever free access to the Kipware® Online User Manual.
  • Unlimited, forever free access to the Kipware® Video Training Website.

STOP struggling with outdated spreadsheets ... and overblown MRP.

THAT SMILE ... that comes from winning work that actually makes profits !!

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