Isn't it time to STOP winning work that just loses money?

What is it gonna be for your shop?

Keep struggling with oudated spreadsheets or overly complex, incomplete MRP / ERP software?

Flashing THAT LOOK that comes with winning work that actually makes profits.

It's Time To Go REAL WORLD !!


Machining Cycletime Estimating Software

An accurate quotation and cost estimate starts with an accurate cycletime estimate. How can you possibly create an accurate cost to manufacture without accurately knowing how long it will take to produce the part?


Machine Shop Job Costing & Estimating Software

Quickly and accurately create cost estimates and quotations that include material, tooling, labor and all non-machining costs with KipwareQTE®. Add resource planning and cost comparison to keep your quoting process on track … and win work that actually makes money !!


Quotation Tracking & Analyzing Software

You don’t REALLY track and analyze your quoting process do you? Don’t just send out quotes … completely track and analyze your quoting and estimating process from the ground up with KipwareTRK®.

Kipware® SUITE

Complete Kipware® BUSINESS Bundle

Save money by bundling :

  • KipwareCYC® – Machining Time Estimating Software
  • KipwareQTE® – Quoting & Estimating Software
  • KipwareTRK®- Quotation Tracking Software

… in a single purchase and start winning profitable work today !!

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