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Estimate Realistically


Estimating accurately is essential to remaining profitable. Estimates that do not accurately reflect what happens on YOUR shop floor is the same as “guesstimating”. Using unrealistic speeds and feeds that YOUR shop or machinery cannot achieve in your estimates results in estimated machining times that will never be obtained and will result in lost profits. KipwareCYC’s design enables users to accurately and easily reflect what happens on THEIR shop floor with THEIR equipment resulting in realistic machining time estimates with parameters that can be converted into a road map for results.



Win Profitable Work


Estimating too high results in lost opportunities and estimating too low loses money. Spending your shop’s time and energy on work that is not profitable takes time and energy away from work that is … it’s a vicious downward spiral of lost profits. KipwareQTE’s design allows users to follow a simple strategy that insures all pertinent areas of manufacturing costs are taken into account resulting in accurate quotes and estimates with a pre-designated profit margin automatically built in. Users can be assured that quotes and estimates will win profitable work.



“Should-Cost” and "What-If" Scenarios


Using Kipware® for your estimating process allows you to perform “should-cost” and “what-if-scenarios” quickly and easily.  Users can then effectively view the high cost areas of the estimate and make adjustments using real world options instead of guessing. Update material cost … use more efficient tools or cutting parameters … adjust the machining process … and view and compare the results in real time. And with the knowledge that all parameters used are based on YOUR shop machinery and YOUR shop’s capabilities … you can be assured that any changes can still be achieved by your shop floor.



From Estimate to Production


The true test of any estimating process becomes clear when jobs are won and the shop begins production … when the rubber hits the road. With clear and precise reporting features, KipwareCYC® insures that your shop floor has a clear road map for set-up with parameters based on your estimates to insure production times match estimated times. With integrated Bill of Materials, powerful reporting features and options for resource tracking and cost comparisons KipwareQTE® insures a smooth transition from estimating to production and gives you the ability to look in-depth at profit and loss.




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